How it works

Step.COACH is a virtual walking competition. Participants measure the steps walked/run by using a pedometer and, at the end of the day, transfer them to the step.COACH program. Those steps take you along a virtual way (e.g. around the world/Way of St. James/etc.). The competition can be conducted in teams („every step counts“) or individually.
The User Cockpit is available in the languages English, German, French, Italian and Swedish.
And that’s how it works in detail, 5 steps to more exercise:

  • Wearing a pedometer

    Wear a pedometer (tracker, conventional pedometer, running watch or smartphone). Those pedometers measure your steps as soon as you move. Be active and increase the number of your steps, be it during work or in your leisure time.

  • Transferring steps

    Transfer your steps to step.COACH daily.

  • Visiting viewpoints (POI)

    Reach and visit the viewpoints.

  • Observing progress

    Every step counts! Watch as you approach your goal on the map.

  • Comparing yourself with your mates or teams

    Compete with your friends or teams. 10‘000 steps a day is the aim. Together you get closer to your goal.

Choose an appealing course from our range of routes or have yourself put together an individual walking challenge by us. We plan and organise the challenge together with you, we adapt the website to you individually, we support you in advertising your campaign, we send you the start-up tools and we provide support during and after the challenge.


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